The Problem

Are you fed up with our Run-Away Government that’s totally Out-of-Control… broken & dysfunctional because of our elected officials who are more concerned with serving their own self-interests rather than serving the interests of “We, The People???”

Are you sick and tired of constantly being told by those same elected officials (thru their mainstream media mouthpieces) that there’s just “No Political Will” to get things done and bring about “REAL SOLUTIONS” to the very “REAL PROBLEMS” that we’re faced with here in America???

“If you’re not part of the solution … then you’re part of the problem!!!”
PW Mantra # 1


The Vision Part One:

Well enough is enough!!! The time has come for “We, The People” to rise up and reclaim what is rightfully ours… showing those in D.C. that our government doesn’t belong to them… it belongs to us… millions of voices united as one… reintroducing our elected officials to “Political Will”… while shaping policy and restoring America one issue at a time!!!

What is “Political Will?” What does it look like?

Example # 1… from the left side of the spectrum…

Whether you agree with their politics or not… one who is honest with themselves should at least respect the “Sway” that the environmentalists had or were able to exert over President Obama regarding his decision to move forward (or not) with the Keystone Pipeline Project. This group vowed to withhold their votes from the President in the upcoming election should he decide to move in favor of building the pipeline. The President caved under the pressure, siding with the environmentalists thereby postponing the project indefinitely. This demonstrates a form of “Political Will.”

Example # 2… from the right side of the spectrum…

During the 2010 Mid-Terms… the Tea Party flexed their political muscle by successfully getting more than half of their candidates elected to the Senate and nearly a third elected to the House of Representatives. This also exemplifies another form of “Political Will.”

But… regardless the level of influence these two groups appear to wield… they are still somewhat limited in scope and overall effectiveness.

Those in the first example concern themselves with… “only”… one issue… the environment… and because their views are generally regarded as radical or extreme they… “only”… represent a small or narrow segment of society. While those in the second example may have succeeded in getting some of their candidates elected to various positions… we’re still talking about individuals… working and carrying on separately from one another.

Now even though each of these individuals represents many from their respective districts… they are still but a single voice drowning in a sea of many … from lobbyists, special interest groups, influence peddlers, the media not to mention each of the 535 members of Congress… all competing to have their voices heard. This explains one of the primary reasons that we have and see the dysfuntionality and brokenness that is Washington D.C.

The Vision Part Two:

There is a way to “Pierce” through all that noise… to rise above the “Fray”… but it “MUST” come from the grassroots… a movement by, of and for… “We, The People”… in exactly the same way our Government was formed more than two centuries ago and tragically finds itself in desperate need of “Reform” today. But in order for this to happen… we need to put an end to the partisan bickering… while coming together finding common ground for the good of our Country. In our Government today and all across our nation… the partisan divide has only grown wider and deeper and this to has been a major contributing factor to the level of dysfunction and brokenness experienced in Washington.

If our elected officials refuse to do what “We, The People” have elected them to do which is… to “Lead” and to… be “Leaders”… and if they can’t seem to find the “Political Will” to put their partisan differences behind… allowing them to be able to reach across the aisle long enough to come together on the issues most important for and to the survival of this once great land of ours… then that burden and responsibility shifts back to “We, The People” to rise up and show those in D.C. how it’s done by setting the example we expect them to follow!!!

An American President once admitted and I quote… “You can’t change Washington from the inside… You can only change it from the outside” Folks… that pronouncement is a clear and direct “Call To Action”… for… “We The People” to rise up and demonstrate just how prophetic and accurate those words really are!!!


Therefore one of the rules… code of conduct if you will… that each member of this movement will be expected to adhere to and abide by is as follows…

Rule # 1… There will be no mention of party affiliation within this group. Regardless of whether you’re a registered Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, Tea Party, Independent etc., it carries no weight here and makes no difference. All parties and all peoples are welcome and will be represented here. There will be no partisan bickering, party bashing or slandering amongst or against movement members. If you feel the desire or need to do that, please do it elsewhere. Again, we’re here to set the example… the tone and tenor that we expect our elected officials to follow and abide by. The “ONLY” thing that matters here are the “ISSUES” and your support there of!!!

“Party Neutral… Issue Centered!!!”
PW Mantra # 2


Issues such as these…

Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution

Entitlement Reform

Wasteful Spending/Ear-Mark Reform

HealthCare Reform

Tax Reform

Energy/Oil Independence… i.e., National Security Issue

Immigration Reform/Securing our Borders… i.e., National Security Issue

Establishing “Term Limits” for elected officials

National/Federal “Voter I.D.” laws

Ending “Crony Capitalism”

Abolishing the “Dept. of Education” and returning education back to the states.

And the list can go on and on.

Your belief in the “Issues”… coupled with a desire and the resolve to see them through… until they’ve been enacted upon and formed into policy… along with having your “Voice” heard… loud and strong… enough, so as to make a difference… affecting “Real” change and bringing about “Real” solutions to “Real” problems… all while getting those in D.C. reacquainted to “Political Will”… these are the criteria for your participation as a member of this movement!!!

“Where your voice carries with it the weight of millions!!!”
PW Mantra # 3


That summarizes the “Vision” of this movement as well as the purpose of this website and its sister page on FaceBook… to serve as a centralized gathering place… the blending together of segments from all groups and movements… an inclusive umbrella… to serve up one powerfully united and influential voice that Washington D.C. cannot afford to ignore!!!

The Process

Is really fairly simple. Upon visiting this site and reading through its contents… If you believe in the vision and find yourself with the desire and most importantly… “The Resolve”… to participate… then please make your way over to the “Petition” on the right and sign it.

Then make your way over to our sister page on Facebook and join the group there as well. By joining the group on Facebook… it will verify the validity of each signature/name on the petition. Therefore, each signature on the petition should have a corresponding membership on the groups Facebook page. Also, by joining us on Facebook… it serves as a communication link amongst movement members allowing us to stay in touch and keep current with updates etc. as we move forward.

Rule # 2 For anyone who joins the movement by signing the petition pledges to serve in the capacity of “Recruiter” for the movement. By signing the petition… you pledge to recruit a “MINIMUM” of 10 people to sign the petition just as you did.

Now the recruiting part is also fairly easy as well. Simply talk to friends and family to find out if they believe in the issues (or the issue that is currently on the table) and whether they’d like to be a part of history… battling for “The Issues” until they become a part of Governmental Policy!

It is a necessary requirement for “ALL” members to serve as recruiters… as this is the “ONLY” way for our movement to grow to “INFLUENTIAL” status in order to meet and complete our objectives!!!

At the start… you were asked if you were “Fed Up?” Now, being fed up is an excellent start, but… unless it’s converted into “ACTION” it becomes nothing more than a wasted emotion that if channeled properly… could accomplish great things. By taking “ACTION” is how one graduates to the… “Becoming part of the solution”… column. So, if you’re ready to take action… please sign the petition today… and let your voice be heard!!!

Now, the initial goal will be to have a “MINIMUM” of one million people sign the petition and become members of this movement… but, it doesn’t stop there… because the larger (millions plural) our group becomes… the more persuasive and influential we will be… causing those in D.C. to sit up and take notice!!!

Once we have acquired the minimum number of signatures/members… we will then set out to contacting each and every member of Congress(all 435 members of the House and all 100 members of the Senate) explaining to each of them our group… its magnitude (i.e., number of members/voting influence represented) … and the current issue that we are supporting. We will then ask each of them if they will join our efforts and support our cause by bringing the issue to their respective floors for a vote and get it passed into law.

For those who refuse to join our efforts and support our cause… they will be reminded of the “Voting Influence” that our movement represents and that influence will be put to work to ensure their defeat in the next election cycle. Through this process we will hope to garner enough “Political Will” and subsequent votes from our members of Congress in order to realize the fulfillment of our goals and the purpose of our movement… seeing the “Issues” we care about passed into law and become a part of Governmental Policy!!!

So what now… what happens next?

After we succeed in getting our current issue passed into law… we then move onto the next issue and begin the process all over again. To determine which issue will become the “Current Issue” on the table in which to go to battle for will be decided by a membership vote. We will put all the issues listed above, plus any “Write-In” issues submitted by our members up for a vote and the issue receiving the most votes will then become the “Current Issue” on the table and then we begin the process all over again. This will then become the perpetual cycle or the pattern of the movement… constantly battling for the issues… while holding our elected officials to account for failure to support our interests and to hear our voice… “We, The People!!!”

The Opening Issue

Does your household maintain a budget and live within its means? As does mine… that is if I want to avoid ever having to see the inside of a Bankruptcy Court. And so does “EVERY” other household and business across this land… “IF”… they want to avoid the same fate! This is one of the most basic and simple to understand principles of life!

“If a person or business expects to survive… they “MUST” budget
themselves and live within their means!!!”


But for some reason… the geniuses in D.C. still haven’t been able to figure this one out yet!!! With cities going bankrupt all across our nation… the dominos have already begun to fall… and it’s only a matter of time before financial disaster of that magnitude reaches the State level and then… God forbid… the Federal level. Forget terrorism… the “Looming Fiscal Cliff”… is the single greatest threat to the continued existence of our Great Land!!! A “Balanced Budget Amendment” to our Constitution would be a most needed first step towards restoring fiscal discipline (not to mention “Sanity”) once again to our Federal Government… while ensuring our nation’s future financial survival. If everyone else in this country (from individuals and households to businesses, local municipalities and State Governments) has to abide by a budget and live within their means…

So Should Our Federal Government!!!


We the Undersigned believe (and Vow to Support and Fight to that End)
that our Federal Government Should be Constitutionally Bound
to Abide by an annual Budget and Operate within its Means!!!
By signing below we also Pledge to “Recruit” a “MINIMUM”
Of 10 people to join this cause (by also signing this petition)
who believe in the same and will likewise Vow
To Support and Fight to that End!!!


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